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Write a function for the surface are of a cylindrical cans (12 oz) in terms of the radius. Show your work (no height in this function) Graph of the function found and label the x and y axis with an appropriate scale.

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    The surface area of a cylinder is determimed by both radius and height. Knowing that it is a fluid 12 oz can can help you relate height to radius, if you know the density of the material inside.

    They should tell you if 12 oz is the weight of the contents or if 12 oz is actually FLUID ounces, which is a measure of volume. In the later case, assume 12 fluid oz = 330 cm^3.

    In the latter case, V = pi r^2 h = 330 cm^3 can be used to relate h to r.
    h (cm) = 105/r^2, if r is in cm.

    Area (cm^2) = 2 pi r h + 2 pi r^2
    = 2 pi r * (105/r^2 + 2 pi r^2
    = 2 pi [105/r + r^2]

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