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Can you help me with this question that I have on my assignment?

You want to create a wireless network in your home so that all of your
computers can share the 2 Mb DSL connection to the Internet.
You are at the store shopping for wireless Internet cards for your computers. Which wireless standard
matches your needs the most?

1. 802.11b
2. 802.11w
3. 802.11g
4. 802.11i

I'm thinking its either 802.11b or 802.11g. I'm just not real sure.


Of course it is either b or g.
What range do you need (How big is your house)? What frequency is your home cordless telephone operate on?

Of course it is either b or g.
What range do you need (How big is your house)? What frequency is your home cordless telephone operate on?

  • Computer Technology -

    explain how to design a memory system support a small amount data storage process or a 16K bit CY7C128A SRAM

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