1. History
    Share two examples in American history of how the people of America shifted their ideologies from one set of beliefs to another. Why did this happen? What were the political, economic and social conditions that led to this shift?
  2. math lit,Life science,Business studies,economics
    Which career field i have to follow?
  3. Economics, business studies, tourism, mathematical
    Am doing this jubject so am asking what course can I take with them
  4. soc 203
    Which of the following social structures is NOT reflected in the act of a wife adopting her husband’s name and foregoing her father’s (her maiden) name?
  5. Maths Lit,Business Studies,CAT and Tourism
    Will I be able to go study Clinical Psychology with those subjects?? Please HELP!!! As I am a Grade 11 learner.
  6. English
    I have an exam tomorrow and we are analysing a text then writing a 350-500 word response using a social school of criticism. I was wondering if I could get an explanation towards what social criticism is.
  7. Psychology
    1. A student who behaves in the classroom to avoid punishment is acting according to what cause of behavior?      A. Fear cause B. Situational C. Dispositional D. Punishment cause 3. A phenomenon in which an initial understanding that a person has positive traits is used...
  8. Social Studies
    Why did the inability of the Soviet economy to provide for the needs of its citizens lead to the collapse of the system during the Reagan administration? Manufacturing centers were often stifled by the lack of resources and the shortage of labor in the Communist system. ...
  9. Social
    How are you going to respect the right of other people? List some points.
  10. English
    1. He met the boy in Africa. 2. He saw the boy in Africa. 3. He studies the animals in Africa. 4. He had a party in Africa. 5. He held a conference in Africa. 6. He ate fresh fruit in Africa. 7. He bought a house in Africa. ...................... Is 'in Africa' an adverbial ...
  11. Social Studies
    I feel as if the hardest challenges area olution one way to fix these is getting solar panels and renewable recources but those are expensive and in Southest Asia there are poor people who cant afford that so i think the government should help with that problem. No need to ...
  12. world history
    During the Renaissance, humanist ideas swept through Europe (1). Humanism launched the Scientific Revolution, resulting in advancements in metallurgy, anatomy, and astronomy (2). Humanist ideals mimicked the feudal system to identify classes of people (3). The feudal system ...
  13. English
    1. He studies animals in South America. 2. He studies the animals in South America. .............. Q1: What is the difference in meaning between them? Q2: Is 'in South America' an adverb phrase or an adjecive phrase? Or are both okay in meaning? Does the sentence above mean ...
  14. social studies
    how did monopolies hinder the free enterprise system.
  15. English
    100% - The Story of a Patriot Upton Sinclair 1 A young man is walking down the street, quite casually, with an empty mind and no set purpose; he comes to a crossing, and for no reason that he could tell he takes the right hand turn instead of the left; and so it happens that ...
  16. Social Studies
    How did Asian societies influence trade and exploration during the Age of Discovery?
  17. Social Studies
    What Washington industries have experienced the most growth in recent decades because of technological innovation? Select all that apply. (4 po coal mining video games computer software fish hatcheries food canning genetic engineering grape farming lumber milling online retail...
  18. Social Studies
    3. How did the grand coulee dam change economic activity in Washington? A. it encouraged the growth of new, water-intensive farming. B. it promoted a shift away from manufacturing toward extractive industries. C.it reduced the amount of arable land available to commercial ...
  19. Social Studies
    7. Which of the following is a way that Native Americans in Washington have become more economically self-sufficient? 1.canoe journeys from Vancouver Island **** 2.relocation of reservations near urban centers 3.fishing and gaming operations, such as casinos 4.stock markets ...
  20. Social Studies
    8.Which of the following best describes changes in the population of Washington over the last 200 years? Cultural diversity has increased due to migration and immigration. A.The Native American population has not changed locations. B.Immigration from Pacific Rim countries has ...
  21. Statistics
    Retired workers and disabled workers both receive Social Security benefits. What information would we need to test the claim that the difference in monthly benefits between the two groups is greater than $30 at the 0.05 level of significance? Write out the hypotheses and ...
  22. history
    How have petro-economics shaped the Middle East? A. Economic competition among Middle Eastern states to be the top oil producer often becomes bitter. B. Arab nations have consolidated their power by negotiating the purchase of oil rights in neighboring regions. C. Abundant oil...
  23. Social Studies
    Muslims must A. Pray eight times a day B. Save all their money C. Fulfill the Five Pillars of Islam d. Live in Makkah
  24. social studies
    What happened as a result of a meeting between A. Phillip Randolph and Franklin Roosevelt? a. The employment of skilled African American workers doubled*** b. African Americans threatened a march on Washington, D.C. to protest discrimination c. Roosevelt enlisted thousands of ...
  25. social studies
    Describe four measures that can be taken to improve or develop human resources in ghana
  26. social studies
    How are the todays badlands different from the same area millions of years ago?
  27. Social Studies
    In this discussion, you will discuss the Hawaii Annexation. Post a detailed response to the discussion prompt. Using your knowledge of the text and the sources given, answer the question: Should the U.S. have annexed Hawaii? I don't know how to answer this.
  28. Social Studies
    Describe how nations follow similar patterns when it comes to balance of trade and national debt. If you don't want to give a full answer, that's ok, just really confused :)
  29. social studies
    1: What are the causes of problems the Mayas and other Native American groups face in Guatemala? How are people trying to solve these problems? 2:Compare and contrast the economies of Chile and Venezuela.
  30. Social Studies
    Discuss the relationship between institutions (banks, business firms, government agencies, and unions) when it comes to making up an economic system. I couldn't find anything in google or my textbook, and if a full answer is cheating maybe just a little help? Thanks in advance!
  31. Social Studies
    How did Muslims build the successful Arab empire?
  32. Sociology
    Explain what “social capital” is and what difference it has made in your own life?
  33. Social Studies
    Quote: (“…[The} military options moved further toward a much larger strike which would very likely have to be accompanied by a land and sea invasion… Almost certainly [an invasion of Cuba] would have led to a Soviet military response somewhere in the world. Now before I ...
  34. Social Studies
    Why didn't countries other than the United States take a leadership role in the world after World War II? A)The United States was one of the only democracies strong enough to fight communism. B)The United States was the only Western nation with a military force are World War ...
  35. social studies
    what city is closest to 34 north and 81 west.
  36. Sociology
    Briefly define “social role” and provide an example from your own life that illustrates how social roles change in different contexts.
  37. History/Social Studies
    Hi, can I please have a link? I don't like cheating on essay questions. Thanks!! What are the causes of problems the Mayas and other Native American groups face in Guatemala? How are people trying to solve these problems?
  38. Social
    What are the difference between scroll painting and book painting
  39. Social studies
    1. During the civil war that began in Guatemala about 1960, ___________ A. The Maya's gained political power. ***B. The Maya's benefitted from land reform. C. Many Maya's lost all of their belongings D. The Maya's agreed to share political power.
  40. Algebra
    There are 12 students in a social studies class. Three students will be selected to present their term projects today. In how many different orders can three students be selected?
  41. social studies
    how was the reaction to the wave of immigrants coming to America in the 2000s similar to the reaction to immigration in the 1920s? A)Immigrants were welcomed for their labor and contributions to tax revenues and the economy. B)There was pressure on immigrants to become ...
  42. social studies
    how did congressional political gridlock during president Obama's administration affect government? A) It gave lobbyists and interest groups increased influence to swing votes B)It prevented budget deficits, since no new spending could be implemented C) It forced the ...
  43. Social Studies
    Name two geographic obstacles and one political obstacle that stood in the way of the construction of the Panama Canal. How did engineers and politicians overcome these obstacles? @Ms. Sue @Reed I don't want answers, just links. Thanks!
  44. Social Studies
    Essay: What was life like for the poor people of Rome? How did the empire try to keep the poor people loyal? PLZ HELP I HAVE NOBODY TO TURN TOOO
  45. Social Studies
    Hi, I have to write a paragraph and my cat got water all over my notebook, can someone help me with my paragraph question and/or send links about it? --- Write a paragraph describing how the U.S. government managed the economy during World War I and the economic effects of ...
  46. Social Studies
    Which Middle Eastern nation is governed by a parliamentary democracy? A) Iran B) Iraq C) Israel D) Saudi Arabia I know its definitely not A but I'm still lost. Please help.
  47. social studies
    which of these is an example of price competition. A. a new advertising campaign B. a loyalty rewards program ** C. a special holiday sale D. a customer satisfaction survey
  48. social studies
    Which U.S. policy would Palestinian supporters of the Palestinian Liberation Organization have most likely preferred? A. continued U.S. support for Israel B. support for a peace treaty between Israel, Egypt, and Palestine C. military aid to Yasir Arafat for the fight against ...
  49. social studies
    A company introduces a printer that does not require ink cartridges. As a result, the price of printers that use ink drops. What is another likely outcome? A. the price of ink cartridges goes up. B. the price of ink cartridges drops. C. the demand for ink cartridges goes up. D...
  50. Social Studies
    Compare and contrast the economies of Chile and Venezuela. I don't want answers, I just need links. Thank you! @Reed @Ms. Sue
  51. Social studies
    What event in 1959 changed the relationship between cuba and the us. A. Cubas sugar production dropped B. Cuba became popular as a tour estate resort C. Fulgencio n batista came to power D. Fidel Castro came to power I say D
  52. social studies
    8. What was the main reason the Soviet Union crumbled in the 1980's? A) Glasnost led to rebellion against communist rule around the world. *** B) The Soviet economy could not match U.S. military spending while meeting citizens' demand for consumer goods. C) Policies introduced...
  53. social studies
    which of the following goods or services in an import in the united states A. apples are grown on a farm in Vermont B. kitchenware purchased online from China C. software created in California and used in Chicago *** D. technical service to a customer in Philippines
  54. Social Studies
    @Ms. Sue Can I get a link? I don't want to cheat! Thank you! What are the causes of problems the Mayas and other Native American groups face in Guatemala? How are people trying to solve these problems?
  55. Psychology
    1. Modern psychoanalysis is defined as ____________________. (1 point) A treatment that focuses on observable behavior A treatment method for mild to moderate disorders that uses a process of patient discovery Demonstrating how unconscious factors affect a person’s current ...
  56. Social Studies
    1. Early Greeks lived by A- fishing B- trade C- herding goats and sheep D- all of these***** 2. Who could be citizens of Greek city-states? A- native-born men and women B- free, native-born, land-owning men*** C- land-owning women D- foreign-born men ... 6. The Delian League ...
  57. Social Science
    A Manifesto for Creativity. I have an assessment on creating a manifesto that enhance creativity in workplace and I'm really out of idea. The assessment details include - how can creativity best be encouraged within workplace -what can you do as a future leader to ensure that ...
  58. Economics
    Which one of the following statements is correct under the theory of supply-side economics? A. High marginal tax rates severely discourage work, saving, and investment. B. Transfer payments increase incentives to work. C. Increases in social security taxes and other business ...
  59. Social Studies
    What title best represents the subject of the cartoon? The cartoon is "inch by inch" A. "change is a long, slow process" B. "education opens the door to the mind"** C. "students take early steps to graduation" D. "learning doesn't end at the schoolhouse door"**
  60. Social Studies
    How has the population of South Carolina changed over the past one hundred years? Explain whether the state has become more rural or more urban, and describe at least three challenges that accompany this shift in population.
  61. Social Study
    How did the location of the Arabian Peninsula help the Muslims conquer territory beyond the Arabian Peninsula?
  62. Social Studies
    How has modern technology impacted standards of living in developing nations?
  63. Social Religions
    Please help me! Describe Hinduism Describe Judaism Describe Buddhism Describe Islam Describe Christianity
  64. Social Studies
    explain how rationing affected the people on the home front during World War II. How did this behavior help the war effort?
  65. Social Studies
    Select a new deal program that helped improve the lives of South Carolinians. explain what the program improved and how it helped the people of South Carolina.
  66. Social Studies
    Explain how baby boomer causes the economic growth during the late 1940s and early 1950s. I think the economic growth was caused by the GI bill but I'm not sure.
  67. Social Studies
    What was the impact the civil war had on South Carolina?
  68. Social Studies
    What reasons best explain why many Haitians have migrated A. Haiti lacks sufficient natural resources. B. The country has been ruled by military dictators**** C. The geographical location of Haiti makes it unsafe for people to live there D. The country has a history of harsh ...
  69. Social studies
    What is the difference between a direct and a representative democracy(or indirect)
  70. Social Studies
    Dave is an executive at a large company. He is concerned that other businesses in his industry have been moving some of their operations to foreign countries in order to cut down on labor costs. The CEO has asked Dave to make a recommendation on what the company should do. ...
  71. Social Studies
    Explain the argument between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. What were its origins? PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE A BAD GRADE AND AM BEHIND.
  72. social studies
    what impacted the Arab-Israeli wars have on the United States in the 1970s? A .Support for Israel fill in the United States B. closure of the red sea shipping lanes hurt American businesses C. OPEC nations stop oil shipment to the United States D. the United States sent ...
  73. social studies
    "in 1996 Congress approved economic sanitation against South America to force an end to apartheid. sanctions are measures aimed to make a country change its policy. american companies were forbidden to invest in South Africa or import South African products" based on this ...
  74. social studies
    what is one cost that victory in the cold war brought to the united states? a. many new governments emerged in eastern Europe and opposed the US b the "peace divided" people hoped for never came about. c. the spread of nuclear weapons and general arms race created new dangers ...
  75. Social Studies
    What was Muhammad's message? What rules for daiy living did he teach?
  76. English
    Can someone please confirm that my answers are correct? Choose the correct pronoun to fit the context of the sentence. 1. The dog chewed ________ leash apart. A. its B. his or her C. it’s D. their E. its’ I think it's C 2. Is technology with all ________ advances working ...
  77. Social Studies
    If you were an entrepreneur, which Eastern European country might be the best place to start your new business? Explain your reasoning. Can someone name a country that might be good to start a business in, that way I can look it up and explain my reasoning? Thanks
  78. Social Studies
    When the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates following the 2001 recession, what did more people start to do? A. buy homes B. default on loans C. invest in dot-coms D. sell stock shares The United States used diplomacy to broker peace agreements in which of the following ...
  79. Social Studies
    The United States used diplomacy to broker peace agreements in which of the following countries? A. Israel, Northern Ireland B. Nicaragua, Somalia C. South Africa, India D. North Korea, Poland Is it A?
  80. Social Studies
    What was the main reason the Soviet Union crumbled in the 1980s? A. Glasnost led to rebellion against communist rule around the world. B. The Soviet economy could not match U.S. military spending while meeting citizens' demand for consumer goods. C. Policies introduced by ...
  81. Social Studies
    What was family like for rich Romans?
  82. Health
    If I had a friend who was thinking about drinking alcohol... What would you say to make sure my friend completely understands the consequences involved? What are the short- and long-term consequences I should warn them about? What are the physical and social consequences?
  83. Social Studies
    I have a portfolio assignment to do for SS and I'm just freaking out because I'm 3 units behind and I can't catch up until I complete this but I just don't understand it at all and I'm too prideful to ask the teacher for help. So, I beg, please help me? How did immigration ...
  84. Social Studies
    what were some of the lasting effects of the Vietnam war?(2 answers) A.Hundreds of thousands of soldiers suffered physical and emotional pain* B.Americans were divided over whether the war was worth fighting* C.American soldiers helped solidify a lasting democratic government ...
  86. Social Studies
    what is one example if the way a rise in productivity during the 1950s improved the standard of living in the united states? A.It gave workers more time off. B.It led to a sharp increase in urbanization. C.It led to the end of discrimination in the United States. D.It ...
  87. art
    true or false john constable created hundreds of thumb nail sketches and studies before beginning a final piece
  88. S.S
    Lesson 10: Unit Test CE 2016 Social Studies 8 B Unit 6: Meeting New Challenges What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a lack of strong ...
  89. social studies
    Which quotation sums up Herbert Hoover's beliefs about government's role
  90. Government
    Would someone mind checking my answers? Thanks! (Answers at bottom) And if anyone is willing to explain the final two questions to me and maybe help, thatd be much appreciated. 1.) "In the late nineteenth century, political leaders in the United States gradually became ...
  91. Social Studies
    1)What is one example of the way a rise in productivity during the 19 fifties improve the standard of living in the United States? It gave workers more time off It led to sharp increase in urbanization It led to the end of discrimination in the United States It eliminated ...
  92. social studies
    who did the shiites and sunnis believe should be leader
  93. Social studies
    What is the answer to the social studies week 14 crossword
  94. Social Studies
    I have to write a poem about life in Carribien South America today. But the problem is I can't find any good sources and credible sources, and even if I did have some I don't know how to start writing a poem. Could you give me some sources for it, and an example?
  95. Social Studies
    During the civil war that began in Guatemala about 1960, _________________. A. the Mayas gained political power. B. the Mayas benefitted from land reform. C. many Mayas lost all of their belongings. D. the Mayas agreed to share political power.
  96. Social Studies
    A problem facing all people living in Mexico City is A. increased pollution. B. having only a few farms. C. a lack of education. D. no place to buy food.
  97. Social Studies
    Who were the first inhabitants of the Caribbean islands? I think it was Christopher Columbus
  98. History
    Which of presidents carters politics best explains his defeat in the 1980 election? A reforms to social security and the tax code ***** B support for human rights C foreign policy in the Middle East D constructive responses to inflation Is this correct?
  99. social studies
    Muhammad and his followers journeyed from makkah to __ during what is called the Hijra? plz help i am on a test!
  100. Social studies
    What inference can be drawn from the lack of US action in response to Japanese aggression against China in 1937 A-Americans supported the Japanese over the Chinese. B- Americans did not believe Japan threatened them directly C-the United States did not care about China D- the...
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