write the net ionic equation for the unknown titration reaction in this experiment.

KHC8H4O4(aq) + NaOH(aq)----> KNaC8H4O4 + H2O(l)

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asked by natash
  1. H^+ + OH^- ==>H2O
    The important questions is, "Do you understand why this is the net ionic equation?"

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    posted by DrBob222
  2. not exactly

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    posted by natash
  3. Write the molecular equation. You have done that. Now change that into ions. I will leave the (aq) off each but you understand it is there.
    Since KHC8H4O4 is (aq), then it will ionize:
    K^+ + HC8H4O4^- + Na^+ OH^- ==> K^+ + Na^+ + C8H4O4^= + H2O

    All I have done is to write those materials that are strong electrolytes (100% ionized) as ions and those that are weak elecrolytes (less than 100% ionized) as the molecule. Note that I made an error in the equation I first wrote and didn't catch it until I did the detail work here. So disregard the first response.
    Now look to see which materials are common to both sides. K^+ is on both ies so cancel them. Na^+ is so cancel that. Nothing else is so here is what is left.
    HC8H4O4^- + OH^- ==> C8H4O4^= + H2O

    So what the ionic equation shows is that the hydrogen tartrate ion + the hydroxide ion from the base neutralize each other (H from the hydrogen tartrate ion going with OH from NaOH to form water. I'm glad I redid this or I would have given you the wrong answer.

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    posted by DrBob222
  4. Dude, That is a freakin HAAAAARRRDDD
    guestion. your in colledge right??

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    posted by Charlie
  5. Your still wrong because even though kph is aqueous it is a weak acid so it will not completely ionize

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    posted by Jiji

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