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1. Which of the following statements does not describe a difference between the DNA of prokaryotes and the DNA of eukaryotes ?
a.prokaryotic DNA is shorter and less complex than eurkaryotic DNA
b. Prokaryotic DNA chains have two nucleotides, eukaroyotic DNA has four.
c. Prokaryotic DNA has a single chromosomes; eukaroyotic DNA has multiple chromosmes.
d. Prokaryotic DNA is arranged in circular structures; eukaroyotic DNA consists of linear strands.
I chose C ?
2. Which of the following describes the flow of energy in a food web that contains the organisms:fish, zooplankton, bacteria, phytoplankton?
a. fish-zooplankton-phytoplankton-bacteria
I chose C ?
3.which equation best describe photosynthesis ?
a. water and energy yield carbohydrates and carbon dioxide
b. carbohydrates and carbon dioxide yield energy and oxygen
c. energy, water, and chlorophyll yield carbon dioxide and oxygen
d.carbon dioxide, water, and energy yield carbohydrates and oxygen.
I chose D ?

4. In which following situations will a mutation appear in the phenotype of an individual ?
a. the genetic code for protein synthesis has not been altered.
b. the mutation occurs in an organism which is past reproductive age.
c. the mutation is recessive and is present in one copy of the diploid gene.
d. the mutation is recessive and is present in both copies of the diploid gene.
I chose D ?

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  1. a b c

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