A trunk of mass m = 1.100 kg is pushed a distance d = 32.0 cm up an incline with an angle of inclination theta = 26.0 ° by a constant horizontal force P = 150. N. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the trunk and the incline is 0.330.
a) Calculate the work done on the trunk by the applied force P
b) Calculate the work done on the trunk by the frictional force. Be careful – you will need to write down a free-body diagram and calculate the normal force for this part !
c) Calculate the work done on the trunk by the gravitational force

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  1. W(P)=P•cosα•d=...
    W(fr)= - F(fr) •d= - μ•N•d =
    = - μ•( m•g•cosα+P•sinα) •d
    W(gr) = - m•g•h = - m•g•d•sin α = ...

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