Select which of the following statements are True or False. Assume Newtonian Mechanics.
1.The work required to lift a mass one meter depends on the speed at which it is raised..
2.The acceleration of an object is same in all inertial reference frames.
3.The work done by a constant force acting on an object is equal to the magnitude of the force times the distance the object moves.
4.A particle's kinetic energy can change without having any net work done it.
5.Less power is required while slowly lifting a box than while lifting it up quickly.
6.A simple machine cannot reduce the work required to do a task.

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  1. 1. false
    2. true
    3. true
    4. false
    5. true. Less power but the same energy
    6. true. Machines can reduce force but not work required.

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  2. its still wrong, i don't understand

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  3. Which do you claim is wrong? What don't you understand?

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  4. 1 false
    2 false
    3 false
    4 false
    5 true
    6 true

    that should be right its capa.


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  5. actually it's
    1 false
    2 true
    3 false
    4 false
    5 true
    6 true

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  6. thanks courtney =]

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