This is a three part problem I need help in figuring out pleaseI

n each of the questions below you are going to determine a different type of balanced equation for the same reaction. Make sure your equations have the lowest whole number coefficients possible. Indicate the physical states of the reactants and products. Refer to Solubility rules as necessary.

Barium sulfate is used when X-rays of the gastrointestinal tract are made. Barium sulfate can be prepared by reacting barium chloride with dilute sulfuric acid. From this description, determine the balanced formula unit equation. Enter your answer as the sum of the coefficients of all of the species. Make sure your equation has the lowest whole number coefficeints possible. Refer to solubility rules as necessary.

In water purification small solid particles are often ``trapped'' as aluminum hydroxide precipitates and fall to the bottom of the sedimentation pool. Aluminum sulfate reacts with calcium hydroxide (from lime) to form aluminum hydroxide and calcium sulfate. Determine the total ionic equation for the reaction stated. Again, enter your answer as the sum of the coefficients.

Bones are mostly calcium phosphate. Calcium chloride reacts with potassium phosphate to form calcium phosphate and potassium chloride. From this information, write the balanced net ionic equation. Answer as the sum of the coefficients yet again.

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  1. See your post above.

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