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Could you check if everything is correct, Writeacher?

1) My husband and I would like to spend the period from August ... to August .. in . We are looking for a four-star hotel on a sea front , which offers a a kids’ club as well as a playground where my five-year-old child can spend time outside.
2) I would be grateful if you could help us find a suitable accommodation.
3) A room with a double bed plus an extra bed is called three-bedded room?
What ice cream flavours do you usually choose from/are popular in America? (real question)

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asked by John
  1. #1 and 2 are fine.

    Are you looking for hotel accommodations in the US or in Europe?

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  2. 3) A room with a double bed plus an extra bed is called three-bedded room?
    I'd phrase it like this: We would like a room with one king-sized bed and a roll-away bed for our child.

    What ice cream flavours do you usually choose from/are popular in America? (real question)

    There are way too many to list!! Take a look:

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