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Hi, im having a hard time answering my assignment and coming up with an idea.

History Repeats Itself
There can be some parallels made between the way politicians today might attack the foibles and personal shortcomings of their opponents, the same way Cassius does with Caesar in this play. Can you think of an example in modern politics? Think about election time or the way candidate’s campaign, even during years when they are not running for reelection. Include in your discussion a description of parallels between situations today and the situation between Cassius and Caesar. Compose your thoughts in at least two well-developed paragraphs.

I don't know much about politics so i can't think of much what to write about.

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asked by YOLO
  1. Hmmmm. Have you ever heard candidates for class president whisper about the other candidates? Have you ever listened to the plots of two girls each with their own eyes on a certain cute boy? If not, you haven't lived in the real world.

    I remember one fifth grade contest for King and Queen of the elementary school. Cassius was reincarnated in a mom I remember, she instigated plot after plot.

    Have you read about Stalin's purges in the 1930's against his army top brass?

    Have you listened or read the Nixon tapes? Listening to them relives Cassius' plots, and intrigue.

    Surely you can compose two developed paragraphs on this.

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