GUI/Web Editor Writing (HTML)

Open your GUI or Web Editor and bring up a “New” page. Pretend that you have just opened a new business and need to create a web page. This web page needs to look professional and appealing to draw people’s attention. After all, the reason a person goes into business is to make money, and you want your web page to bring customers to you. You need to make sure that your web page includes the following items:

1. A Heading and 1 sub-heading
2. 2 or more Paragraphs of writing.
3. 2 or more horizontal lines
4. A list with either “bullets” or numbers
5. Use fonts on the writing that are VERY legible and easy to read.
6. Use at least two other fonts someplace on the page.
7. A table with some products you are selling along with their price and any other related information.
8. Use bold in at least one place.
9. Use italics in at least one place.
10. Use the underline in at least one place.
11. Leave the background white on the page.

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  1. So what is your question?

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  2. If you are not sure where to start, I always look at pages similar to the web page I am making.

    I write down what I see and what I like about each. I write down different elements. I then go to my notebook and sketch out a basic layout.

    From there, I write down the topics of information the client wants. This makes it easier to organize the web site when it comes time to decide how many links I need.

    I, like bob, don't really know your question. It almost sounds like a "I'm not sure where to start" type question, so I hope I helped.


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  3. And just in case you need them, here are some codes for you:
    (Scroll down past all the ads to get to the good stuff.)

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