Here is the second part of the objectives.

5)use communication strategies that will help them to compensate for language gaps they may have in their current speaking skills
6) interact successfully with both their group mates and partner students as a consequence of effective speaking and listening skills (I just want to say that by interacting with their mates they will improve both their speaking and listening skills)
7) demonstrate competence in many different types of writing, including laboratory reports, essays, and posters. In particular, they will develop the following skills:
•Correctly acknowledging and citing their sources
•Referencing, summarizing, and paraphrasing
•Planning and writing the assignment
•Presentation and formatting, including high quality photos
8)Develop strategies for effectively organizing information and communicating politely in academic emails. (I think I should include this in point 7)

I forgot to add: "Monitor their grammar errors while speaking while listening to their recorded performances. (their oral performances will be recorded and relistened to spot mistakes)

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  1. 5) use communication strategies that will help students compensate for any language gaps in their current speaking skills.

    6) improve spoken English skills by interacting successfully with other students effectively

    7) demonstrate competence in many different types of writing, including laboratory reports, essays, and posters. In particular, they will develop the following skills:
    • Effective organization of information
    • Planning and writing assignments
    • Quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing
    • Correctly acknowledging and citing their sources
    • Presentation and formatting, including high quality photos
    • Communicating politely in academic emails

    8) Using recordings to monitor grammatical errors in spoken English

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