Assume you have a computer that contains 2GB of memory. It contains four memory slots. Each slot can contain 128 MB, 256 MB, 512MB, 1 GB, or 2GB memory modules. Currently, each slot contains a 512MB memory module. What combinations of memory modules will satisfy your memory upgrade to 8GB? Which of these combinations is the least expensive.

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    Don't switch names.

    Provide what YOU THINK about these questions, and a tutor with this expertise might respond.

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  2. There are four slots:

    * 512MB (1/2GB) +
    * 512MB +
    * 512MB +
    * 512MB = 2048MB = 2GB

    To upgrade to 8GB, you might choose to remove the existing chips and replace them, for example with the following configuration,

    2GB + 2GB + 2GB + 2GB = 8GB

    (2GB x 4)

    Can you think of any other ways to do this? For example, if you don't want to buy 4 new chips you could probably reuse 3 of them, buy one new chip and keep one of the old chips as a spare.

    Just one possible suggestion.

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  3. The suggestion above would not give 8 gig though, unless yu can get a 6.5,

    You could keep 2 sticks get a 4g and 3g to make 8.
    The cheapest method and using all slots is the one above 2+2+2+2

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