what are some school related tasks for a typical teaching day from the morning to afternoon at the end of the day?

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Without knowing what subject you are referring to, the level of education and whether you want to know from the student's or the teacher's perspective, it's difficult to know exactly what to tell you. The sites already posted yesterday should help you (Time Management, etc.)

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  2. High school English:

    Get to school, pick up mail, go to classroom, and set out graded work to be returned.

    Open lesson plan book flat, visible from anywhere around my desk. Put any special instructions for the day on the board.

    Bell rings, kids start to come in.

    Tardy bell rings, late kids sign in the tardy book. Take care of them later.

    Take roll from seating chart (namely, noting the blank seats), answer any questions that come up.

    Start lesson... whatever it is for the day ... may be a continuation of the day before, may be new.

    About 10-15 minutes before end of class, have students begin on assignment. Walk around to answer questions and make sure kids are on task.

    Bell rings. Kids wait until I dismiss them after final reminders.

    Repeat four more times during the day.

    Conference period at some point -- one period to get errands run, papers graded, plans made, etc.

    After last bell, attend or hold any meeting that's needed (department, faculty, etc.), if any.

    Pack up anything that needs grading. Go home.

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  3. And here's a wonderfully witty look at how teachers usually regard after-school meetings!


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