Science Fair Question

•Decide which type of project you’re doing. Projects can be entered as one of two types: (1) Science / Technology, or (2) Inventions
•Decide which category your project fits in. Click here for a list of the categories.
•Gather all of the information you need before you go to Student Registration. The application form will ask for: ◦the title of your project
◦the category it fits in best
◦whether it is a science/technology project or an invention
◦the problem or question you are working on
◦a description of your project (the goal of your project or why it’s important; what you’ve done so far and what you plan to do between now and March 25th )
◦a password that will be easy for you to remember so you can access your ‘My Project’ page whenever you need to (we suggest the you write your password on a page in your notebook so you can find it if you forget it)
◦an active email address where you can be reached from the time you register until the date of the fair. You should check your email at least once a week, more often the week before the fair
◦your name, home address, and phone number**
◦your school, your grade, and your teacher’s name (or your parent’s name if you are home-schooled **
◦your t-shirt size **
◦** if you are working with a partner, all of the information for both of you needs to be entered on the application form. Just one application should be submitted for the two of you.

(1) Science / Technology, or (2) Inventions????? I think it's science am I correct.

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  1. Yes.

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  2. ok.

    Thank You!!!! :)

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