participial phrases

Which sentence contains a participial phrase with an embedded clause?

Running, giraffes look like something that was designed in a bad dream.

Running when they heard the gunshots, the giraffes fled to safety.

Tired and hot, they stopped when they found water.

When I first looked at this, I thought the last one.. because of the fact that i thought "tired" was a past participial.. but when I looked at all 3 sentences, they almost all look like participles.. ugh, i'm confused! I'm thinking that it must be the embedded clause that is throwing me off.. help?

asked by Sherri
  1. Participles can have -ing endings if they are present participles or past tense endings (-ed, -d, or any irregular past form).

    I see a participle by itself in the first sentence.

    I see a participle and the rest of the words in its phrase in the second sentence.

    I see a participle and an adjective in the third sentence.

    What is your definition of "embedded"?

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Well, that's the thing.. My lesson that I'm learning doesn't state what an embedded clause is.. I looked it up, but all I came up with was that it's the same as a subordinating conjunction.. would that be correct?

    posted by Sherri
  3. I meant subordinate clause! Whoops

    posted by Sherri
  4. Then I'd choose the second sentence. In addition to the participle "Running," there is also a subordinate clause: "when they heard the gunshots".

    posted by Writeacher
  5. I'm in the 4th grade and my teacher stated use the following participial phrases in a sentence of mine own,

    1; Riding a bicycle, is great form of excersing.
    2; being afraid, of the dark can be very frighting.
    having found the solution,
    now heres where I'm stuck can you help me please

    posted by Millie

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