I'm home schooling my son and i cant figure out what the factorization of 68 is

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  1. Let's see which numbers go evenly into 68.

    2 * 34
    4 * 17

    That's it.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Factors are numbers that you can multiply together to get the number. for example, 1 and 68, 2 and 34, etc. All of these numbers are factors of 68.

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  3. Excuse the political intrusion, but how can you justify home-schooling if you as the instructor cannot perform a simple arithmetic operation such as factoring the number 68

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  4. I wondered the same thing, Reiny. I also Googled factoring to make sure that I was right -- and found several excellent sites that explain factoring.

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    Ms. Sue

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