can you please check this problem for me, and if I happen to get it wrong. explain it?
thank you =]].

-6x=54 this is the problem.

-6x =54
+6 +6
x = 48

?? is this right
please respond.


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  1. You are not allowed to add 6 to 6x

    Here is a way to do it

    -6 x = 54
    multiply both sides of this equation by (-1/6)

    (-1/6) * (-6 x) - (-1/6) * 54

    1 x = -54/6

    x = -9
    NOW check that
    -6 (-9) = ??? 54
    54 = 54 sure enough

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  2. oh that makes it easier.
    you but im kinda still having trouble
    can you help?

    -38 > t - 46

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  3. Hello. We have an inequality question here.

    We have:

    -38 > t - 46....This is read: "negative 38 is greater than the value of t minus negative 46."

    We need to find a number that is bigger than t without revealing what t will be.

    To find the value of t, add 46 to both sides of the inequality.

    -38 + 46 > -46 + 46

    The right side becomes zero because a positive and a negative always result in zero.

    We are left with:

    8 > t as your final answer.


    What does 8 > t really mean?

    It means that whatever the value of t is, it MUST BE less than 8 in order to make your original inequality a TRUE statement.

    This is what I mean.

    You were given:

    -38 > t - 46

    Our answer is 8 > t, right?

    I will select a value for t than is less than 8 and one that is greater than 8. You will see that the value for t less than 8 will yield a true statement.

    Let's say that t = 6. I will replace t with 6 and simplify.

    -38 > 6 - 46 becomes -38 > -40.

    It is TRUE that -38 is greater than
    -40 because -38 is closer to zero.

    How about if I let t = 9.

    You were given:

    -38 > t - 46

    If t = 9, we have this:

    -38 > 9 -46 becomes -38 > -37....This is a FALSE statement.

    Why FALSE? Because -38 is NOT bigger than -37. When t = 9, we get -37 and
    -37 is closer to zero; this is the reason why the statement is false when we select values for t that are greater than 8.

    Did you follow?

    This is the reason why your final answer is 8 > t.

    What is t? The values for t (whatever you choose to let t be) MUST BE less than the number 8.

    That's it!

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