Few question about astronomy: many centimetres is equivalent to a light-nanosecond
2. How long is an astronomical unit (AU) in light-minutes (1min, i.e., the distance that light travels in a vacuum in one minute)?

Please show the calculation if there is any


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  1. 1. speedlight*time= distance
    3E8m/s*1E2cm/m*1E-9sec=3E1 or 30 cm

    2. speedlight*time=distance
    3E8m/s*60sec= ?

  2. 2. Sunlight reaches Earth in 8.3 minutes. The Earth-Sun distance is therefore 8.3 light-minutes.

    One way to get the answer is to divide the Earth-Sun distance by the distance travelled by light in one minute, using the same units.

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