Please, help me. I'm bad in french...

depui que ses parents meure il ne va pas bien. j'espére qu'aujourdui il va mieux car on pense allé cinéma.

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asked by gijoe
  1. Did you write this yourself? I am not sure if this makes sense or not...depui is not a word, it is depuis, and I am not sure that this sentence structure works either. What is this supposed to mean?

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  2. Assuming you are trying to say: "Since his parents are dying (bad sequence of tense) he is not well. I hope that today he's going to feel better because we're thinkg of going to the movies:

    Depuis que ses parents sont morts, il ne va pas bien. J'espére qu'aujourd'hui il aille (Subjunctive)car on pense aller au cinéma.


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  3. idk...

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    posted by Emily

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