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The major reason for the persistence of the American two-party system is what?
A. there are naturally only two sides to the political disputes
B. regional conflict
C. its a single member district system of electing officeholders
D. proportional representation

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asked by Tonya
  1. I'll be glad to check your answer.

  2. B. regional conflict?

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    posted by Tonya
  3. Is B the correct answer?

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    posted by Tonya
  4. I believe it's C. We have red states and blue states spread across the country.

  5. oh no I need to go back and read again thank you very much

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    posted by Tonya
  6. I think I found the answer in my book.

    Is it..
    Americas two party system is due largely to the fact that the nation chooses its officials through plurality votting in a single member districts?

    Is that the same thing as the answer or am i confused?
    sorry sometimes I can't understand how things are worded. Thank you

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    posted by Tonya
  7. Yes. That's correct. We elect just one member to Congress from each district.

  8. ah great thank you!

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    posted by Tonya
  9. You're welcome.

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