Could you check the following sentences, please? I replaced "summarize" with "describe" in sentence 1.

1) Briefly describe the relationship between man and nature in the Romantic Age.
2) Up to the late eighteenth century the Church had been in charge of most of the educational facilities existing in England.
3) In the nineteenth century it contributed to establishing Sunday schools, aiming at training lower classes vocationally.
4) Factory owners were also obliged by law to teach their apprentices, but they often ignored their duty. Most schools were located in the industrial and urban areas.
5) In 1870 the Education Act was passed, according to which school attendance was made compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 10. 6) The education in the new state schools was based on sporting team ideals which placed collective endeavour above self.

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  1. 1. OK

    2. comma after "century"

    3. comma after "century" -- and what is "it"?

    4. OK

    5. comma after "1870"

    6. OK

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