Identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.The cheerful(A),lively sound of(B) dance music expired(C) almost everyone(D).No error.(E)
2.After such(A)a magnificent(B) meal,we were(C) all quick to(D) applaud Mary for her delicious cooking?
3.We are specially(A) going to have(B) face the reality that the(C) resources of(D) Earth are(E) limited.
4.There are(A) also many words(B) or concepts associated(C) with(D) the words United States.(E)
I think that there is no best answer.That is such every answers are true.Is it right?I couldn't find it.

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  1. Since you cannot underline a word, find another way to let us know WHICH WORD is it. You could use capital letters or (put it in parentheses)...

    The problem is that we really want to help you but have to understand totally what it is that you are to do.
    1. Give the directions of what you are to do
    2. type it so we see what YOU see.
    3. Tell us what you believe the answer is

    Take for example #4. If I totally ignore the (A), (B), (C) (D) and (E)and just read the sentence, the only correction I can find is in punctuation of United States.


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  2. I have done MANY of these assignments for you. Now it's your turn.

    If you find you cannot do these, then you must speak to your instructor about why you are in an English class that is too advanced for what you understand.

    If you can do these, then please post what YOU THINK the answers are and why. Then we will be able to help you better.

  3. Should parents/guardians raise their teenage girls in the same way that they raise their teenage boys? Why or why not? What rules should be the same for girls and boys? What should be different? Are behavioral expectations the same for adult men and women? Explain.

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