SCI/275 (Risk Assessment)

There is a direction in this assignment where the projection of WNV in Genericville is 50 cases. It also mentions that in 2006, there were 4,269 cases, of WNV including 177 fatalities. It follows with the proposal that the Malathion would reduce the mosquito population by 90% which would drop the cases from 50 to five with less than 20% chance of fatality.

Unfortunately, the direction includes a table to project future records.
According to the numbers above I have not reached this level of math and have No Idea how to do this part.

asked by Carol
  1. I have no idea what you need.

    posted by bobpursley
  2. I don't know this math, but the instruction of the assignment says that we are to make a "projection chart" based on the information of record.
    How do I multiply/divide, etc., in order to find the "future" numbers?

    posted by Carol

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