Cultural Diversity

Which one of the following choices best completes the following scenario? A five-year-old __________-American child used to enjoy choosing her playmates and activity centers on the playground, but after her mother visited and observed the free play time, the child abruptly stopped this activity

i say japanese, what do yall think.

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  1. please help

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  2. I have no idea -- but this question seems to be an example of stereotyping. Any mother might stop a child from this activity for any number of reasons -- unsafe equipment, foul language, dirty surroundings, etc.

  3. not good cause im not sure which one.. but thanks

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  4. I have two suggestions.

    The one I prefer is to tell your instructor you won't answer this question because it depends upon stereotyping.

    The other is to read your book carefully to see what its author thinks would be the answer.

  5. I would not pick any of the answers unless your book have an example.remember children are innocent in their play mates .The adults are the ones who create differences.

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  6. Right, Jacque.

    I'm appalled that a school would insist that students use a stereotype to answer a question.

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