socials--Barkerville the Evolution of a town

Would you have preferred to mine or to operate a business that supported the miners, if you had been an inhabitant of Barkerville during its gold rush?

I would have chosen to operate my own business to support the miners. By choosing to run my own business, I could help and gather a lot of miner, and provide them with good money and make sure the working conditions are clean. I would do my best to help them with their work. My business would also make a lot of money. I wouldn’t have preferred to mine, because that wouldn’t really get me anywhere, I would probably have trouble looking for gold and could lost out on some money. I wouldn’t want to live off of what I find while mining.

Have i got it right? Why else choose business?

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  1. I think you missed the point of this question.

    A business that supports miners sells them food, clothing, tools, and shelter. These businesses do not provide working conditions or money.

    Your choice is good because probably most businesses that supported the miners did make more money than most of the miners. One of my ancestors went to California's gold rush as a miner and made enough to buy a farm back in Indiana. However, many miners didn't find much gold.

    Levi Strauss started a very profitable company making and selling durable denim pants to miners. We still buy a lot of Levi jeans.

  2. thanks so much:)
    so if i started my own business i could make lots of money by selling things to the miners, and it wouldnt matter if the gold rush was bad, because i would still get money as there would be lots of miners, that need supplies to go mining with, and those that need a place to sleep and eat, it would be as if I went mining myself.

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  3. I wouldn't say you'd make "lots of money," but you'd have a better chance of making a living if you owned your own business.

    You're welcome.

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