Hello, I am confused on my assignment I have to do. It states to make a list on perspectives of caregivers. Can you explain this better for me? Is this what they do? Anything info will help me on this one.


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  1. I'm not sure what that means, but I'll take a guess.

    When my dad was very ill AND was also experiencing Alzheimer's, there were many different people taking care of him, each with his/her own perspective of the job and what needed to be done.

    ~~my mom, who was only a year younger than my dad and was showing early signs of Alzheimer's -- from her perspective, because changes happened so gradually, there was nothing wrong, and she changed nothing about how she and he interacted.

    ~~my brother and me, who were suddenly realizing how dire the situation was -- but each of us lived many miles away and had been relying on our mom's version of how doctor's appointments went, etc. One of the first things we did when we realized our dad's situation was to hire caregivers to be with him and our mom 24/7. It took 5 caregivers to care for them each week, and this was very expensive. (Multiply 24 x $18 x 7 to see how much this cost each week.)

    ~~daytime caregivers, who were dealing with both our parents according to their different needs, including bathing, feeding, taking him to doctor's appointments, shopping, etc.

    ~~nighttime caregivers, who were primarily concerned with dad's safety during the night when he'd get up and wander around in the dark and end up bumping into things or even falling if someone weren't there to go and get him safely back to bed.

    ~~my dad's own doctor -- who saw him periodically and communicated with the visiting medical personnel

    ~~visiting nurses and doctors -- completely different perspective, of course -- very clinical, but they were also very caring people.

    ~~eventually there were also hospice nurses and doctors who came to the house periodically and were in contact with the doctor and the visiting nurses and doctor.

    Everyone had a different perspective.

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