Modern History

Hi I need help finding where this cartoon was originally published

Its the LEV HAAS (Czech,1901-1983 "Do not trust him! The kulak is the most hardened enemy of socialism") one.

Sorry I couldn't post the link.


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    Look at that first link -- seems to be 1953. Check it out to make sure.

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  2. See if you can read the caption of

    It says it was published in 1953. It looks to me like Clementa Gottwalda is the source publication.

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  3. Clement Gottwald was the first Communist president of Czechoslovakia, and took power in 1948 following a coup and assassination. He died in 1953, just after the death of Stalin. Why his name appears at the bottom of the Kulak poster is a mystery to me.

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  4. When I googled the Klementa Gottwalda it came up as an ex Czcheckslovakian (sorry spelt that wrong) prime minister who was also a communist and stalinist.

    I'm sorry I can't read the link that your have up there, Writeacher.

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  5. Yep, sorry posted a bit after that came up.

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