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hi,in my english class, we had to read an article about a girl who attended stanford. she went for an interview and had trouble filling out the forms. she thinks that colleges don't offer classes that help kids in real life situations. for example, she thinks colleges need to offer classes on financial stuff like on how to manage money after college because of loans.

then we have to write an essay about if we agree with this or not.

my opinion is that college do offer courses classes but it is up to the students to apply it. also college offer courses outside of school. like when students join clubs, they hold activities and it's not the college's fault if a student is not motivated to go and learn.

however, an opposition view would be that students won't have time with jobs and homework. what would i write about that?

and also, there's internships that help students in real life. internships is like a preview of a real job and it teaches a person skills and responsibility for a real job. so yes, college does help students in real life.

and No, colleges don't offer specific classes on how to manage a bank account or fill out applications. but those things are supposed to be learned by yourself. colleges can't teach a person about every single thing in life. you have to learn as you go.

that is my opinion. next, i have to give an example of a specific course the college offers that helps students. for examples workshops or classes that help students in interviews for a job or something.

so basically, i would really appreciate if you could answer a question i wrote somewhere above and if you can give me information about specific classes that colleges do offer or workshops or any extracurricular activities that help students in real life.

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  1. Here's a link with several colleges' and universities' mission (purpose) statements. Overall, their purposes are ACADEMIC, not life-skills which are to be learned at home or in high school.


    There are some schools (usually community colleges) that will offer a course or two on scholarships/grants, time management (usually in summer before a student's freshman year), and other non-academic courses. But remember that a college/university's purpose is to move students into higher education -- academics that lead to a student's major and degree.

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  2. In the days when I was a child, girls went to college to major in either Home Economics or Education, and get an MRS. title. Life skills were taught extensively, including home and personal finances. Nowadays, girls can major in math, literature, engineering, business management, chemistry, or physics. Times change.

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