<?xml version="1.1"?>
<author/>Compton, R.</author>
<articletitle>SOA explained</articletitle>
<journaltitle>Retail Management</journaltitle>
<issue>vol. 14 no. 6, June</issue>
<page>pp. 29–32</page>

which one is correct:

Fully correct
Incorrect because one start tag missing
Incorrect because one closing tag missing
Incorrect becausea/ missing inaclosing tag
Incorrect because a / included in an opening tag
Incorrect because the tags in one pair don’tmatch

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  1. <author/>Compton, R.</author> look at the opening tag.

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  2. Sorry can you explain please

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  3. Look at what bobpursley posted. There's a / in the OPENING tag. See it? It's an incorrect tag. You never put a / in an opening tag.

    Look at the wording for E.

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