Early Inklings
Short Essay by John Updike.

The title, “Early Inklings� is an example of a pun (a witty play on words that suggest a double meaning) . Explain the pun and the meaning of the title.
I don't even know where to start...


How does the last line reinforce the meaning of the pun?
Last line contains
This was my element, ink on paper.

You can view the essay here

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  1. Notice the dictionary meaning of the word "inkling" --

    In addition, there's the word "ink" in there, which seems to relate to writing (you know, pen and ink?).

    Now -- how would you put them together?

  2. So basically one can interpret it as early understand/hint while the inklings can be interpreted as ink relating to writing pen and ink?

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  3. The word can be taken both ways, yes.

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