If Angelina's name is woth 20 points, Thomas'10 and Paul and Jane's 5points each, how many points is Martina's name worth? How do you find the answer?

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  1. That is not enough information to provide an answer. Is there a specified number of total points and people? Why should a name be worth points, anyway?

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  2. angelina=20p,8l,4v
    well, first, i'd look at how many letters(l) are in each name, because the first thing i noticed when i read this was paul and jane have the same amount of points and letters. next, u should see how many vowels are in the names(v). next, see how much of each letter each name has(capital letter). then, try to see which letters might be shared by more than 1 name, and how much they might be individually worth. because m and comes from thomas, a comes from everyones' names, i comes from angelina, n comes from jane and angelina, and r has a value that you have to figurue out based on the other letters.

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