Character Education

Can you find any information that Character Education benefits from volunteering?

Also, does raising money in a school for a cause usually work?

asked by Anonymous
  1. First you'd have to define character education.

    There's no doubt that truly volunteering -- not being forced to work -- benefits the volunteer. Giving to others who need the help almost invariably makes the volunteer more understanding and knowlegable.

    Since raising money in schools for a cause is so widespread -- I assume it works.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Character education is based on the love of doing this job without being obliged to do character ,so volunteering in a job that carries character at heart definitely helps a lot because people will perform the job not waiting for a give back. They will work endlessly.

    raising money in school works for many reasons:
    students learn to give
    they learn to work together for a reason
    they will learn to care
    they will learn be kind
    so I think it really works.

    posted by Amina

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