Religon and global culture

I have to write an essay by completing this sentence:

"In the current global culture, religion should..."

And since I have to write a lot, I thought I'd start out by making points of what I feel about religion in today's world.

It is of vital importance
Is defined differently by different groups of people
It plays a big role in people’s lives
Is causing peace for some people and destruction for others
Is something that can not be defined the same for everyone

I also wanted other people's views on this. does anyone want to share their opinion about this?

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  1. Your points are all true.
    But your assignment tells you to complete the statement: "religion SHOULD . . ."

    What should religion do?

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. What CAN religion do?

    The sentence doesn't make sense to me...

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    posted by yfaridi1
  3. what about something like,
    In the curren global culture, religion should be valued more than materialistic things.


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    posted by yfaridi1
  4. That's a good start.

    I'd like to see all religions promote peace and understanding among people.

    I'd like to see all religions find common ground with other religions.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  5. Okay, I'll keep you updated on my progress...if any

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    posted by yfaridi1
  6. Thanks. And good luck!

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  7. How's this so far?

    In the current global culture, religion should be understood correctly and valued as one of the defining factors.
    If we look today at various global issues today, especially the key issues relating to ties between various countries, religion can be seen as playing an important role. However, because of the incorrect interpretation of different religious values, it ends up playing a negative role in the global arena rather than a positive role. If a religion is understood correctly and given it’s due value it can certainly play a positive role in bringing the world community together.
    A very important example of this is the issue of terrorism which is one of the most prominent global issues of our times. Whenever anyone talks about terrorism, the religion that comes into discussion is obviously Islam. Various Islamic teachings are interpreted negatively however by the global community or at least the key players of the global community resulting in a negative picture of the religion in the minds of the world as a whole. As a result of this the global community is becoming more and more polarized. The polarization eventually leads to mistrust, leading to disputes which eventually leads to wars. The misinterpretations of Islam lead to a total opposite meaning of the meaning of the religion itself. The word Islam which is an Arabic word which actually means peace is associated with the opposite value I.e. terrorism. Granted that some of the followers of a particular religion might have been or are involved in acts of terrorism but that cannot be a reason to brand the entire religion with the label.
    Today it is very important for the world community to realize that religions can play a very important role in uniting the global community and creating harmony amongst nations if the religions are understood correctly and used in a positive manner. All the major religions of the world in general preach peace and prosperity for humanity as a whole. None of the major religions teaches it’s followers to spread mischief and wars as it goes against the basic principles of any religion.

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    posted by yfaridi1

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