1.Describe a possible financial application for an Excell spreadsheet.

Make it an application that a student has not listed before.

Include at least two tricks or tips for using Excell, not previously listed by another student.

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  1. We have no way of knowing what applications or tips other students have listed.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Once you have your financial application figured out, even if in the draft stage, be sure to post it if you want feedback.

    Please remember that no one here will do your work for you -- nor could we if we tried. What has not been listed before? What tips or tricks for Excel have not previously been listed by another student?


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  3. Here is one....

    Keeping track of Girl Scout cookie sales by booth, by girl.

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  4. Keeping track of how much it costs to have a horse, per month: board, food, wormer, farrier work, etc.

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