chemistry-net ionic equations

Whats the net ionic equation for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H202)? I know that it decomposes into water and O2 but is H202->H20+O2 the net ionic or does the H2 and O2 split up to be H2 + O2 -> H20+O2 and if so is the net ionic then just H2->H20??

The H ion remains the same. The peroxide ion O- changes to O-- and O2 (zero oxidation state)


O- >>> O2 + O--

You balance it. Repost if necessary

potassium thiocyanate + iron (III) nitrate

H3PO4 -

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  1. po4 3-(aq)+3h+(aq)-> H3 PO4 (aq)

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  2. According to the question, hydrogen peroxide usually breaks down to H2O and O2 respectively. so it occurs like this

    1) 2e + 2H+ + H2O2 -----> 2H2O ------------ 1 equation
    2) H2O2 -------> O2 + 2H+ + 2e ------------ 2 equation

    !!!This is an ionic equation!!!

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