I'm curious to know if i translated these two sentences right:

1.The stop sign is located at the intersection.
~I translated: La senal de parada esta queda al cruce de calles.

2.It is very dangerous to drive a truck across the narrow bridge.
~I translated: Es muy peligroso manejar un camion cruzar el puente estrecho.

Thanks for any help! :)

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  1. Do not forget the accent marks! If you tell us whether you have a MAC (much easier) or a PC we can give you the chart to show you how to make accent marks on the computer. The word is wrong if it requires an accent mark and it is missing.

    1. La señal de parada OR de alto...eiher está OR se queda

    2. camión (not the infinitive but preposition) = al través del puente


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