A certain juice must be mixed at a ratio of 2:60 (2parts powder 60 parts juice). A company need a total of 3 and 1/2 gallons of mixture. How many ounce of each should be added?

One more qusetion.....

A certain mix of sand is composed of 95 lb (1 sack) of glass, 51 lb of water, 192 lb of plastic, and 300 lb of gravel. the final mixture will weigh 152.2 lb/ft to the third. How many sacks of sand will be need for a wall with a volume of 1760ft to the third

never mind

You need the following weigh of sacks:
152.2*1760 lbs

Each sack weighs: 95+51+192+300 lbs.

Number of sacks= total weight/weighteachsack

Will the answer be about 2 sacks

I don't get it, are you saying multiply 152.2 by 1760. then add 95, 51, 192,and 300 together. Then putting them as 634 (the number you get by adding) over 266112 (the number you get by multiplying)

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