Is this a good topic for a reserach paper? How to change your thinking? If not could you give some advice in this direction, Thanks

asked by Zoe
  1. That looks like a good topic, but you need to be much more explicit. What kind of thinking do you want to change?

    How do you intend to research it?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Suggestion....
    You might organize your paper along the lines of
    1. read both conflicting and agreeing material.
    2. listen to both conflicting and agreeing authorities.
    3. keep a record of where you agree and where you disagree with each.
    4. evaluate.

    posted by GuruBlue
  3. I have no idea on how i intend to research this topic. I want to challenge myself in finding information in this matter. What i mean by the topic of choice is how to overcome frustration, ways to communication effectively,dispute negative thinking and to recongnizing fautlty thinking. In that direction. Question. What do you mean be more explicit?

    posted by Zoe
  4. Thanks for your suggestion.

    posted by Zoe
  5. What Ms. Sue means is that your topic as stated in your first post is so broad, you'd be writing books in order to deal with it well. To be more explicit is to narrow or focus your topic so that one research paper would do it justice. How many pages is this paper to be?

    GuruBlue has given you some excellent ideas for narrowing your focus.

    Here are two really good websites to help you through the research paper process:
    (Broken Link Removed)
    Go through ALL the linked sections at the left.
    The Step by Step link and the Info Search link will be invaluable.

    posted by Writeacher
  6. The paper is just 2,000-2,500 words.

    posted by Zoe
  7. Yes, then, you REALLY need to narrow it -- and GuruBlue's suggestions should work really well.


    posted by Writeacher
  8. The things I mention to Sue about what I want to research about changing your thinking is to much. I will follow GuruBlue's suggestions. I just want to know am I going in the right direction with this topic.

    posted by Zoe
  9. Thanks for everything

    posted by Zoe

    posted by bobpursley

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