Assume you are a campus security coordinator and have observed an alarming rise in sexual assault in and around an area with nightlife popular to local college students. Many of the victims have, in fact, been local students, and they have been assaulted between the hours of 12:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m. in the vicinity of one of the schools.

Post your suggestion as a public service announcement that might be issued to help other students avoid being victimized. Discuss how crime trend data can be used to contribute to the announcement.

Consider the following:

What types of proactive measures may be taken to address this situation?
How should departmental resources be utilized in this instance?

These are a few measures that might be taken.

Increase lighting in the area in which attacks have occurred.

Contact the local police for suggestions and increased manpower.

Redeploy your own forces to provide more manpower in the hours and locations where the attacks have occurred.

Have your security officers or yourself speak ate meetings, classes, or dorms about the problems.

Emphasize that students should not travel alone at night.

See if local restaurants and bars are able or willing to provide for escorts.

Encourage students to file complaints so that accurate records may be kept.

Develop if possible, a composite picture of the assailants and publicize them.

Bring the problem to the attention of the school administration and have them join with you.

Find out what is being done in other college campuses and include pertinent ideas into your plan.

thank you

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  1. •What types of proactive measures may be taken to address this situation? Why?

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