English Romeo and Juliet Opinion Piece

Can someone please proofread and edit this opinion piece I have written?

Ever since the the release of the tragedic play, Romeo and Juliet, the question of "Who is to blame for the two lovers deaths" has come up in the minds of people numerous times. Well, one can say that the Friar Laurence or even the Nurse for the matter, is to blame for they had played parts which resulted in the marriage of Romeo and Juliet, but why not blame the two lovers themselves? Though others actions have contributed to Romeo and Juliet's death, the two lovers are still mainly to blame.

Both, Romeo and Juliet were very hasty in their decisions. They both rushed into marriage, and both rushed into their deaths. One cannot help wonder if they had just taken the time to think about the consequences of their decisions that maybe things may have ended up differently for the two. They did not take the time to even think things through. Proposal the first day, and marriage the next day. The time difference is just so absurd.

The act of being secretive also lead to their downfall. Romeo and Juliet, had not infromed any one of their marriage, and the only two people that knew were the Nurse and Friar Laurence. Later on it is revealed that a man named Balthasar also knew about the marriage. If only the two lovers told more people, or their families to be exact, then the deaths may have not happened. If they had told the families, then maybe the two families could have somehow resolved things due to the marriage. To be more exact that maybe if Tybalt knew, then he probably would not have continued to persue his fight with Romeo, which resulted in the deaths of himself and Mercutio. That event also lead to the banishment of Romeo.

Blame not the other characters, but blame Romeo and Juliet themselves. Their actions lead to their deaths. They chose to be hasty, and they chose to be secretive. I believe those two actions is what really killed them. Not the other characters, or anything else supernatural, but those two actions.

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