what is the most important issue facing the global economy? explain the issue in detail and your reasoning for it being so important.

I say globalization and someone said that was too broad so I narrowed it down to international trade

foreign exports between what countries? trade of exactly what products?

Good God, international trade in what? If you write on "international trade" you will write a book or two. Why can't you find something specific in international trade that you can research and present specific issues and problems? I think we gave you some suggestions the last time you posted. Broad topics end up as books, or as gloss overs. If you are to explaing the issue in detail, and your reasoning, you better stick with a narrow globalization issue.

Ok im sorry fo asking stupid questions,I just didn't quite understand because I tend to over-think things alot. So my topic of my paper is globalization OF international trade in foreign exports. Am I getting somewhere now?

Another set of ideas for you:

Greg..... still tooooooo broad. Think of all the possibilities for "trade". We "trade" everything from apples to zebras. Several things come to mind... what about clothing, cars, computors... just to stick in the C's. All of those things used to be made in the US. Now most clothing is made outside, Toyota just beat the American car industry...and IBM is competing with everything from everywhere. Pick just one "trade" and cover it well.

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asked by Greg

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