I have to write an essay on the question what is the most important issue facing the global economy? explain the issue in detail and your reasoning for it being so important.

I chose the topic of globalization. could someone help me figure out a few key points to elaborate on? you don't have to be an expert or anything just a few ideas would be very helpful.

Globalization of what?

You've chosen a way-too-broad topic ( ), but it can be narrowed down.

Car making
Computer chip production
Tech help services
etc., ad infinitum

How will you narrow this down so you can actually work with it??


Orchid production, tomato culture, fresh flower production, auto manufacturing, shipbuilding, ship repair, are all topics which have been affected by globalization. Each one could be a nice essay: the impacts on national enconomes, changing transportation of goods (air freight), changing or internationalizing languages, computer systems, and training of work forces....

I didn't know that it was such a broad topic. Well what about the globalization of the trade industry?

Greg..... still tooooooo broad. Think of all the possibilities for "trade". We "trade" everything from apples to zebras. Several things come to mind... what about clothing, cars, computors... just to stick in the C's. All of those things used to be made in the US. Now most clothing is made outside, Toyota just beat the American car industry...and IBM is competing with everything from everywhere. Pick just one "trade" and cover it well.

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asked by Greg

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