Minorities tend not to have much power or status and may even be dismissed as trouble makers, extremist or simply 'weirdos'. How, then, do they ever have any influence over the majority? The social psychologist Serge Moscovici claims that the answer lies in their behavioral style, i.e. the way _____________. The crucial factor in the success of the suffragette movement was that it's supporters were consistent in their views, and this created a considerable degree of social influence. Minorities that are active and organised, who support and defend their position consistently, can create social conflict, doubt and uncertainly among members of the majority, and ultimately this may lead to social change. Such change has often occurred because a minority has converted others to its point of view. Without the influence of minorities, we would have no innovation, no social change. Many of what now we regard as 'major' social movements (e.g. Christianity, trade unionism or feminism) were originally due to the influence of an outspoken minority.

1. minority cooperates with the majority
2. the minority brings about social change
3. the majority cultivates the minority
4. the minority tones down its voice
5. the minority gets its point across
This question is arduous and I would appreciate if I get a stable answer with elucidation.

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  1. is this bro
    how do you even answer this

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  2. this is next level

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  3. i thinks its either 2 or 5.

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  4. i think its 5 as its about minorities connection with majority

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