1.Which option describes a research question?

2.Select the correct answers from the lists

3.Why is it important to use several sources when conducting research

4. Stanley wants to do a research project on the impact of using paper bags versus plastic bags. Which question could he use as a research question to guide his search for information?

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  1. No questions or lists. Also, you are not Ms.Sue. Do not dishonor her memory by using her name.

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  2. They hired me as the new Ms.Sue

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  3. 1A
    2 details and facts,reliable

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  4. thanks name 100

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  5. NAME goOD joB 100%

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  6. name is correct for 2,3 and 4 but #1 is wrong

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  7. real answers are
    1.a question that identifies a topic that you want to learn more about
    2. details and facts, reliable
    3. to get a broader understanding of the topic
    4. Do paper bags cause less pollution than plastic bags?
    name is wrong, trust me! :)

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  8. thx styles

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