Ela Purpose and Point of View Quick Check

1. What is the definition of author's purpose?(1 point)

A. the author's topic of the writing

B. the author's reason for writing

C. the author's attitude about the topic

D. the author's main idea

2. What is the definition of point of view?(1 point)

A. the author's attitude toward the topic

B. the author's reason for writing

C. the author's main idea

D. the author's topic

3. An author's purpose for writing is to inform. How do writers accomplish this purpose?(1 point)

A. by describing people, places, or events in an enjoyable way

B. by presenting facts to teach their readers about a topic

C. by persuading readers to agree with their ideas and think or act differently as a result

D. by making readers understand their point of view

Read the following passage. 4.

Many people take in their daily dose of caffeine with the first cup of coffee or sips of soda. While a moderate amount of caffeine consumption is safe, experts warn that too much caffeine can pull too much water from a person's body and lead to dehydration. An elevated amount of caffeine can also affect sleep patterns and blood pressure. Make sure to enjoy the right amount of caffeine by following the recommended guidelines and staying below 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.

What is the author's point of view?

(1 point)

A. Follow the recommended guidelines of daily caffeine consumption to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

B. Dehydration can be avoided by increasing daily water consumption.

C. The right amount of water regulates functions of the body better than the right amount of caffeine.

D. People should not drink coffee or soda because both beverages contain too much caffeine.

I need help ASAP please.

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  1. The answers are:
    1. A

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  2. There all wrong

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