Imagine you have two beakers. Both beakers are filled with the same amount of water. The water in both beakers is the same temperature as well. You add 50 g of Substance A to the first beaker, and 50 g of Substance B to the second beaker. After stirring both beakers, there is a small pile of Substance A at the bottom of the first beaker. None of Substance B is visible in the second beaker. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Substance A is less soluble in water than Substance B.
B. Substance A is more soluble in water than Substance B.
C. Substance A is not soluble in water.
D. Substance B is not soluble in water.

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  1. So you know B has completely dissolved. Some but not all of A has dissolved. So A is less soluble than B in water.

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