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  1. kilauea

    I see in the news reports that when the lava hits the ocean there is a spray of HYDROCHLORIC ACID. I don't see any way HCl can be formed. Acid, yes. H2SO3 yes. But not HCl. Any comments? Thanks.
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    Sorry your question was erased. Here is the answer. https://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1517369021#1517369021.1517370338
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    I posted a response to your Ksp/K but I was late doing it. Hope you saw it.


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  1. Chemistry

    Wouldn't you think so you would know how much heat the calorimeter absored.? The difference between the total heat and the calorimeter is the heat generated by the substance being examined.
  2. chemistry

    300 g CaCO3 x 0.97 = approx 290 g real CaCO3 without the imputities but that's just a close number and you need calculate a more accurate number here and all the following steps. mols CaCO3 = grams CaCO3/molar mass CaCO3. Using the coefficients in the
  3. Science- Calorimetry

    Your question is a little sketchy but if I understand to what you are referring, dH = q
  4. Science

    Very interesting but I don't see a question.
  5. Essay

    OK. My two cent take. I thought the topic was a good one. I read it with interest. I believe the beginning and middle of the essay are better than the ending. I thought the ending was weak. As you read and reread this and polish it before finishing, I