Read this excerpt from The Great Fire.

Claire and her father hurried off to join the rest of their family. Claire did not write about this second reunion or of the deep emotions she felt. But as she passed through the blackened landscape and came closer and closer to them, she must have felt much the way another fire victim, Mrs. Charles Forsberg, did: "When we lay down, away from the crowd, and I knew I had my [family] safe, I felt so rich — I have never in my life felt so rich!"
Which statement best reflects the theme of this excerpt?

A. People enjoy sharing information about emotional events.
B. Chaotic situations force people to forget about their loved ones.
C. People move so quickly that they miss what is going on around them.

D. Loved ones are more valuable than material possessions.

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  1. And you think it's … ?

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  2. anonymous is correct

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  3. did they think it was d?

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