In a class of 42 students,25 offer biology,15 offer history and 18 do biology but not history.
i. Draw a Venn diagram to show the information.
ii. Find how many students offer neither history nor biology

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  1. Your vocabulary is incorrect. Please call this to your math and English teachers' attention.

    This is what you mean:
    In a class of 42 students, 25 take biology, 15 take history, and 18 take biology but not history.
    i. Draw a Venn diagram to show the information.
    ii. Find how many students take neither history nor biology.

  2. After making your Venn diagram, you realize that we don't know how many take
    both biology and history, label that part x
    Now label the part of only biology as 25-x

    but you are told: 25-x = 18
    x = 7
    Now you can fill in the rest of the VD, and you would have "only history" as 8
    Add up all the parts of your diagram and compare it to the total of 52
    How many take neither of the two subject ?

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